Homemade ant trap without borax

Homemade ant trap without borax

Homemade ant trap without borax | Best DIY solution

You can make a homemade ant trap without borax. For making this trap, use sugar, baking soda/vinegar, and water. It will be borax-free, which has no harmful effect on humans and plants. So, it is cheap, easy to make, and also disposable. People prefer to use the least toxic substance to kill the ants.

These least toxic substances are free from borax. Most importantly, these traps have no harmful effect on pets and small children. In comparison, borax is not healthy to eat. So, the homemade traps are a win-win option for everyone.

How to make a homemade ant trap without borax?

Here is the recipe for making traps without using borax. This homemade trap is equally effective as of borax trap. Thus, the ingredients used in this trap are usually available in all homes. The primary things we need to make this trap are; a can or jar, water, vinegar, and sugar. As we know, sugar attracts ants. When ants come to eat sugar, vinegar and water will kill them. You should follow the following steps to prepare this ant trap.

Items required to make homemade ant trap without borax?

  • Granulated sugar
  • Baking soda
  • Water


  1. Add four tablespoons of baking soda to a jar.
  2. Now add a tablespoon of sugar to that jar.
  3. Then pour a small amount of water at a time.
  4. Mix the mixture thoroughly.
  5. If the mixture contains more water, add more sugar and baking soda.
  6. The mixture is more likely a paste.
  7. Now place it where you find more ants.
  8. See it after an hour. The ants got killed inside it.

Suppose you find ants in more than one place. Then place this mixture on all spots. It will give a better chance to get rid of all the ants. Remove the ants from the surface or remake the solution when it fills with the dead ants. You can use this mixture for several days. It would be best if you kept it in check daily. When you find it filled with dead ants, make the mixture again. It is the best way to get rid of the ants most economically.

What are the benefits of the Borax-free trap?

Borax is not a good option to kill the ants. It may cause damage to human and plants health. That is why we are switching to some other solution. The above mixture has many advantages. Such as; It has no harmful effect on humans and pets. This solution does not contain any boric acid, suitable for all living beings. You do not need to clean up because it is placed inside a jar.

It has no environmental damage like other fertilizers. Nut it can kill the insects like ants and butterflies.

This solution is cheap and easy to make, as all the ingredients are available at home. As we made this mixture inside a jar, you can place it where ever you want.

Why should we not use borax for ant traps?

Borax contains boric acid. It is a white powdery substance. When people intake borax, it may cause several issues. It causes vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Its consistent intake may lead to shocks and kidney failure. Hence, it irritates the eyes and skin. It is not suitable for the throat, nose, lungs, and breath. On the skin, it causes rashes. Studies show that it has effects on male reproductive organs.

Replacement of the trap

This trap works quite efficiently. When the trap accumulates with ants, you must replace it with a new mixture. It is crucial to remember that you should place a new mixture at some other point. It helps in catching more ants. We can replace sugar with honey or any other stuff that ants love.

We can also use syrups, jelly, or peanut butter to attract ants. There is another point to remember that the jar or container we are using must have a sticky surface. It will cause hindrance for the ants to climb on the surface. These sticky substances are also available in our homes. They may include; cooking oil or jelly.

Repeating the procedure until no ant left

If you found that the procedure you adopted is not working well, you may assume more possible things. You can place some sweet or citrus fruit inside the mixture. So, you can also increase the quantity of sugar. It does not matter what kind of procedure you choose to deal with ants. It is essential to check your trap regularly. Although it is a time-consuming procedure, it will give you a satisfactory result after some period.

Cleaning of trap after use

It is also a most frequently asked question: how can we clean the trap after it is filled with dead ants? So, the answer to this question is to clean the jar with boiled water and remake the paste. Furthermore, if you can reuse the previous mixture, remove the dead ants from the surface. Pour some boiled water into the mixture. It will make the mixture effective again.


As we all know, ants are smaller in size. Nobody expects harm from this tiny creature. But when they invade your home, they will make your life complicated. Most importantly, ants make holes in the walls and eat your plants. These ants make holes inside the soil and crawl over the walls in a group and damage the walls.

It is a problem of every home. Instead of paying an immense amount, you can easily make ant traps at home. Follow the steps we have discussed above. This solution is cheap and saves your time. Moreover, it is borax-free that has no damage to humans, animals, and the environment. You can replace it and also remake the solution within two minutes.