GTA Online Scope Out the Casino

GTA Online Scope Out the Casino

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GTA Online Scope Out the Casino

Go to the planning board in your arcade basement and interact with it to start getting a feel for the casino. Then click the “Scope Out Casino” square at the top to start a task that allows you to visit the Diamond Casino and capture pictures with your phone to submit to Lester, each of which increases the likelihood that someone will approach you for your ultimate robbery.

Before you begin your mission, you must scope out all security cameras and keypads near the doors. There are security guards everywhere, including in the Casino. Eventually, you must complete your mission, or Lester will tell you there are only five more minutes. If you fail, you will lose all of your scoped locations. However, you can replay these locations to discover more secrets. There are many ways to scope out a casino.

Access points

There are six Heist Approaches in GTA Online, and it is essential to locate each to maximize your chances of success. Points of Interest are minor features that contribute to the overall heist, while Access Points provide significant benefits. You can also find them near yellow bollards, a significant storm drain, and a metal grate. You can go to any of these sites to scope the Casino.

The Vault Content Scope Out mission also includes a variety of ways to access points, including the Casino itself. The Casino has an orbital camera above the rooftop, a security guard by the elevator, and a purple keypad near the staff door and chips exchange counter. You can use these items to plan your heist or uncover the owner’s identity. Besides the access points, several heist prep missions can be done to make the game easier.

There are 11 access points, and seven of them are on the roof. Another two are on the ground level, further away from the Casino. There are numbered entrances; the first is closest to the Casino. Access points in the Casino are numbered, so it is essential to identify the best one to use. The first possible entrance is through an elevator inside the Casino. The second access point is direct across from the first, and the final is next to the swimming pool.

The next GTA Online update includes a grand casino heist. Again, securing these access points will increase your chances of a successful final heist. Located in the basement, you can interact with a planning board with a square marked “Scope Out Casino.” After finding the access points, take photos of the Diamond Casino and other places of interest. Then, you’re ready to attack the Casino and steal its gold and diamonds.

Preparing for a heist

As part of your preparations, you should take on the Big Con mission to get the most out of this game mode. This mission will help you spot guards and enemies on your minimap. In addition, this mission will benefit you if you plan to rob a casino using stealth mode. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to pounce on a chance to steal the most valuable items in the Casino.

GTA Online Scope Out the Casino

Before you enter the Casino, you’ll want to prepare your getaway vehicle. It would help if you loaded it with all the necessary tools and equipment to get through security, such as a gunman decoy and a grenade launcher. It would help if you also prepared the vault with money and other items. The last step is to hack into security cameras to determine the contents of the vault. Once you’ve obtained the information, you’ll need to hack into the security cameras and steal them for more money. In addition, make sure that your getaway vehicle is in tip-top shape so you can reroll the vault contents.

Next, prepare for the giant escape. As you move through the Casino, look for signs of an impending explosion. Once you reach the buyer, the heist will be over. You’ll have gained access to the safe area. After a few minutes, the heist will end with a snatched wallet. It may seem easy to get away with your loot, but it’s essential to be prepared for all the possible outcomes.

Lastly, prepare your crew. Regarding your crew, hiring people who can assist you with the job is crucial. To succeed, you’ll need a crew and an arcade. This guide will help you with all the steps of a casino heist, from buying a gun and hiring a crew. Once you’re all set up, check out the three different approaches you have available and which will work best for you.

Scanning the vault contents

The first thing you need to do before attempting to heist a casino is to scan the casino vault’s contents. Unfortunately, the vault’s content may vary depending on which type of heist you attempt to carry out. Therefore, you must take a different approach to complete the heist if the content is missing. Luckily, several options can help you get the treasure you want in the Casino.

Most challenging point to scope out

In the Vault Content Scope out a mission, the drainage tunnel is the most challenging point to scope out the Casino. This is outside the Casino’s boundaries. It has a wide entrance and a vast drainage water pool. The keypad is purple and next to the staff door. Once inside, you’ll see two security cameras and an orbital camera. Regardless of which point you choose, make sure to use it carefully.

The roof is also an excellent place to scope out the Casino, including the CCTV camera on the roof and the door below the helipad. The doors on either side of the Casino and the music locker entrance are good spots to scope out. On the Roof Terrace, multiple doors are accessible via the wide pathway below the infinity pool. The roof is a great place to scope out if you’re brave enough.