Genshin Impact is a game that is rocking the world

genshin impact

MiHoYo has released Genshin Impact, a free-to-play open-world adventure role-playing game. But the question which was raised, is genshin impact worth playing? Yes, Genshin Impact ruled the video game market in 2020. It is one of the most popular and well-liked games, with stunning, attractive graphics. It looks like a clone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, But it is more than that.

Within its first two months on the market, Genshin had attracted a significant player base and generated approximately $400 million in revenue. To put this in perspective, this was more than Pokémon GO, which brought in $238 million in the same time period.

It also has a rare elemental system to decipher. Aside from combat, you can explore the environment around you, uncover new views, and solve puzzles. You can play this game with pals in co-op mode if you reach a particular rank.

Is genshin impact worth playing on mobile?

Genshin Impact may be played on a variety of platforms and devices, each providing a unique experience.

The game is available on a variety of platforms, including the PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices, allowing it to appeal to a wide range of gamers. Although the mobile, PC, and PlayStation versions differ slightly, and everyone has a favorite, the Genshin Impact mobile app is likely the greatest method to play the game. Here are a few justifications.

The Game’s Most Versatile Format Is Mobile.

The mobile version of Genshin Impact is excellent for you if you’re the type of person who is always on the go, or if you don’t get the chance to play in a certain place very often. On mobile, you may customize the game to your liking, from the visual settings to whether you want to play with a controller or just use your fingers.

As previously said, the mobile edition allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game’s plot and the universe, as well as participate in online reward campaigns. Furthermore, you may pick up where you left off by connecting to your account on a PC and playing on a larger screen or with better graphics. It’s not just portable, but also adaptable.

Graphics Settings That Can Be Changed

In the Genshin Impact settings menu, mobile players are in for a treat. Players may find a multitude of choices relating to the quality of Genshin Impact’s visuals under a graphics menu tab, as well as a useful gauge that tells you whether you’re pushing your device to its limits.

With a few touches, players can change everything from frame rate to lighting to crowd sizes and texture quality. If you want to save battery or push your device to its limits to achieve the most gorgeous gameplay experience possible, you may do it on the mobile version of the game, while the PlayStation 4 version lacks this feature.

You’ll be able to join events that PS4 owners won’t be able to join

Mihoyo offers web events from time to time where players can log onto the Mihoyo website and grab daily benefits like Primogems, EXP materials, and Mora. These items can be difficult to come by in the game and normally require some farming, so having online reward events is a wonderful addition.

Users have pointed out, however, that these events are only available to mobile and PC players, leaving PS4 owners in the dust. This is terrible, but it’s worth noting if you’re thinking about playing on mobile or PS4, as earning game prizes on mobile may be simpler.

For materials and commissions, it’s easier to grind

Many of Genshin Impact’s in-game rewards require effort to obtain, and if you want to get the most out of the game, you should concentrate on completing daily commissions and completing the game’s numerous tasks.

genshin impacts

Aside from that, there’s the entire universe of Genshin Impact to discover as well as story tasks to fulfill. However, grinding daily commissions and accomplishing other daily activities gets easier with the mobile version. By logging in with the same account, you may complete them wherever you are and store the more intriguing stuff to explore on your PC.

Is genshin impact worth playing on f2p?

The appeal of Genshin Impact isn’t limited to the game’s magnificent aesthetics, characters, and subplots. Anyone with a computer, phone, or PlayStation 4 can download and play this game for free. To play Genshin Impact, you must first meet the minimum system requirements, like with any game.

All Genshin Impact PC and PS4 gamers, however, should be aware that there is a cost to being free. While Genshin Impact is free to play, it is a gacha game, which means it will require in-game purchases to unlock additional characters, weapons, and abilities.

In comparison to other gacha games, however, Genshin Impact’s monetization method is not as irritating. Those who have played gacha games know how aggravating it can be to have your own game hound you about purchasing in-game currency.

Is genshin impact worth playing on ps4?

There are some pros and cons to genshin impact on ps4 on which bases it can be decided whether it is worth playing or not.


  • There are numerous playable characters.
  • Beautiful anime-like graphics
  • Multiplayer experience
  • The monetization of gacha games isn’t as clear as it is in other gacha games.


  • Only a certain level of multiplayer is provided.
  • Slow character navigation
  • Even with gacha, getting the finest characters takes time.
  • Can’t share the loot with fellow players
  • Players are unable to share their loot with others.

            After analyzing the whole scenario it is tough to tell whether it is worth playing or not 

            because it has a mixture of positive and negative points.

Is genshin impact worth playing without spending money?

Progressing to later levels is difficult due to a lack of original resin. Genshin Impact makes it rather easy to get through the early stages of the game without paying any money, based on the points so far. However, due to a resource called Original Resin, the later levels can be difficult to complete.

My predictions on genshin impact in 2022

According to my prediction, Hydro Region will be released in January 2022 (areas such as Venice for the main city, a small underwater city resembling a mermaid city, and numerous beaches and waterfalls).

  • Release of Turtle- Swimming
  • Mounts that are only available for a limited time could be released.
  • Release of CUte monkey- CLimbing
  • Big bunny – Travelling/Snowy areas
  • Best time to release summer/bikini skin
  • Hydro Archon Release
  • Griffin – Flying

It can be predicted according to my analysis that in June 2022 Pyro Region (Dead trees, 

volcanoes, Lava areas)

Improvements to the graphics and user interface may be added in September 2022.  

Release of a free 5* character for you to choose from.