Ford Vin Decoder For Keyless Entry | Ways to Find Ford Keyless Entry Code List


Ford Vin Decoder For Keyless Entry | Ways to find Ford keyless entry code List

When the factory code is unavailable, the VIN number can be used instead. The VIN number is a 17-digit code unique to your vehicle. The actual VIN number on your vehicle, on the other hand, is the most tried and true because it cannot be changed. A mechanic can retrieve your factory key code and cut you a new key for your vehicle by decoding your VIN number to obtain the manufacturer’s number.

Buying a Vin decoder for your Ford car is easy if you know the car’s VIN number. You can then use this code to enter the vehicle’s keyless entry system. However, if you are unsure what VIN stands for, you can go through the following article and learn more about it. The article will give you more information about the VIN, its functions, and the cost.

Vehicle identification number

Having a Ford VIN decoder for keyless entry can help you determine how much your vehicle is worth and give you a way to unlock it. Unfortunately, Ford vehicles are unique, and the serial numbers are rarely used on two vehicles with the same date code. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a VIN decoder to find out the code for your car.

The VIN is a unique identification number that allows you to verify your vehicle’s history. For example, it identifies the year of manufacture and the assembly location. You can also learn about the trim level of your vehicle, including original equipment and engine swaps. This is a valuable piece of information to have, and a Ford VIN decoder can help you get access to this information.

A Ford VIN decoder is a great way to learn your vehicle’s history, so you can easily unlock your car. This tool will also help you open your door locks and unlock your vehicle’s keyless entry code. Once you have your VIN, you can start programming your Ford’s keyless entry code.

First, you will need to locate a location where you can enter the VIN to access your car. Once you find the code, you can enter it from the vehicle or the screen. If you want to get your code right away, you’ll have to take the car to a Ford dealership to get the code. If you can’t find a place to do this, you can try using a jocklock.


You can use a VIN decoder to find the keyless entry code if you have a Ford vehicle. The VIN is a 17-digit code that identifies the make and model of the vehicle. You can find out the location of your vehicle by using the code. If you haven’t had any luck figuring out your keyless entry code, you can use a Ford VIN decoder to determine which vehicle you own.

Ford keyless entry codes are handy if you lose your keys. A Ford keyless entry code is an instant lifesaver if you lose or forget your key. You can also use this code to find crucial information about your vehicle, including its history, parts, and recalls. The keyless entry code is easy to enter and can be read using any device. In addition, a Ford VIN decoder can help you unlock your vehicle when you don’t have the keys.

A Ford VIN decoder can also retrieve various information about your vehicle. For example, the tool can retrieve the vehicle’s manufacturing year, engine type, assembly location, and safety recalls. This information is vital for unlocking your car. This decoder is a must-have for any Ford driver, but it can benefit owners who need to unlock their doors.


The availability of a Ford VIN decoder for keyless entry codes has a lot to do with how to repair a malfunctioning vehicle. For instance, if you cannot decode your keyless entry code, you can try searching for the decoder online. The website provides a free decoder for most of the VIN codes.

Another great benefit of a Ford VIN decoder is its ability to look up information about a specific vehicle. For example, the tool can look up the model and year of your vehicle and tell you everything about its history. Using a Ford VIN decoder can also help you identify problems with your vehicle, such as an accident or title issues. Additionally, you can read the car’s specifications, including engine type and transmission.

The VIN is a unique identification number assigned to every manufactured vehicle. This code can be used to reset a Ford keyless entry system that is not programmed with the factory code. To use a Ford VIN decoder for keyless entry, you’ll need to have the car hooked up to a computer, view diagnostics, and verify that the car you’re trying to enter has the correct VIN.

A Ford VIN decoder can retrieve a lot of information about your vehicle, including the model, year, and assembly location. Ford VIN decoders can also fetch information about your car’s manufacturer, model, and trim level. This information can make you confident in the vehicle you’re driving. You can be sure that the car you’re trying to get into is genuine.


If you have a Ford vehicle, you’ll probably know it has a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN). That VIN code can provide valuable information about the car, including the model year and make. With a VIN decoder, you’ll be able to read these codes on any computer, smartphone, or device. You can also learn more about your vehicle’s history with this decoder.

You must know how to use your vehicle’s keyless entry system to find the correct code. Many cars are designed with a default code. Ford vehicles are no different. If your vehicle doesn’t come with a code, contact the manufacturer or a dealership and get the code. However, if you cannot find the code, you can always reset the keyless entry on your own. You should note that you must provide proof of ownership to the technician.

A Ford VIN decoder can be handy in many ways. It will allow you to verify the validity of the car’s VIN, lookup Ford parts, and get the vehicle’s build sheet. In some states, looking up a person’s VIN is illegal, so using a VIN decoder is essential. This way, you’ll have a better chance of buying a quality, Ford.

Getting a code

There are two main ways to get a Ford VIN keyless entry code. First, you can use the blank cut to look up the vehicle’s key fob code. The other way is to visit a dealership and present a picture ID and proof of ownership. Ford dealers have a few options for you. In addition, you can often open your car’s keyless entry system using a jocklock.

Alternatively, you can use a flashlight and an extension to read the code. A five-digit code is usually required. Finally, you must unlock the car by locating the key fob and pressing the start/stop button. If applicable, this will allow you to arm and disarm the car’s alarm. The system is not working correctly if the code is not displayed in the dashboard.

You can always visit a Ford dealership or a specialist if you cannot access the factory code. These professionals can perform a reset of your keyless entry system if they have the original code. The technician must hook your vehicle to a computer and run diagnostics. They will also need proof of ownership to reset the system. The VIN is a unique code assigned to every manufactured motor vehicle.

Ford Vin Decoder For Keyless Entry | Ways to find Ford keyless entry code List

Once you’ve located your car’s VIN code, the next step is to find the vehicle’s trim level. The trim level sticker on your driver’s door jamb should tell you which year your vehicle is. Following the proper steps, you can decode the sticker and unlock the Ford van keyless entry code. Once done, you can enter the code into your car’s keyless entry fob.

Whatever kind of person you are, you’ll be trapped in your vehicle at one point throughout your lifetime. This is true for those who drive Fords with keys that cannot be entered.

The keyless entry codes can be essential for those who often lose their keys. But, the entry codes are easy to forget also, mainly when you don’t utilize the system frequently.

How to Find Your Ford Keyless Entry Code by VIN Number

If you’re driving a Ford Explorer or a Mercury Mountaineer and you’re already familiar with the entry pad that’s keyless located on the door to the driver’s side. (It’s the numeric five-button keypad).

The typical car comes with an initial factory code of 5 digits which can be changed at the discretion of the person who owns the vehicle. The owner can alter the sequence of codes to whatever they wish to enhance security and serve the purpose of recollecting it in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately, that keypad with no key can be useless if you lose your password and become locked out of your car.

In many cases, an old vehicle is sold, and the entry code doesn’t get passed on to an owner who has a new one. Of course, you may always use the default code; however, if you can’t remember it or keep the code written down, it will not do you much good.

If you’re locked out of your vehicle and have forgotten your necessary code, There are several ways to locate your keyless code.

Reset the Keyless Code

It’s a good bet that the owner’s manual isn’t locked in your vehicle, and your keys!

If you’ve got an owner’s manual for your car in your possession, You may check it for the default factory code. This information should be located in the owner’s wallet, typically kept in the glove compartment.

If the owner’s guide is missing, you can locate an original code that is on the tag of your Remote Anti-Theft (RAP) module. It is typically located on the left-hand side towards the back of the vehicle. The panel must be removed using a screwdriver.

When you’ve access to your factory’s code, you can change the codes by entering the factory’s code of five digits. After entering the code from the factory, you can proceed with pressing the initial two numbers on the keypad. This is the 1-1-2 key.

When you press these digits within five seconds after entering the factory number, The doors of your car will unlock and lock to indicate that the number you entered is correct.

When you get an alert, you may change the password by typing in your code of five digits (within 5 seconds). The vehicle will be locked and then unlocked to confirm that your new code was entered correctly.

It’s crucial to know that the factory code will never be altered. It is only possible to overwrite your own or the personal code of the previous owner. Factory codes will never be valid.

Certain cars are outfitted with a recall function that allows you to save your preferences by pressing the 1-button after entering your new number.

Call Your Ford Dealer

If the factory code is not found, You can always contact the nearby Ford dealership or mechanic. However, it could be expensive if you choose to do this since the technician or mechanic must connect your car to a computer to look up the diagnostics.

This is the only method to reset the keyless entry system of your Ford using the factory-issued code. Naturally, you’ll have to prove ownership to ensure security.

Locate Your VIN Number

Your VIN can be described as your vehicle identification number. It is a code unique to each vehicle assigned to each manufactured motor vehicle. Imagine it as the social security number of your car.

Ford Vin Decoder For Keyless Entry | Ways to find Ford keyless entry code List

It is important to note that your VIN is one line with 17 numbers and letters with no space. It also does not include the letters O Q, O, and I to avoid doubt about the number one or zero. Each component of the VIN will provide you with specific information regarding your vehicle.

The year is also included, along with the country of origin, the factory where the vehicle was manufactured, the make and model as well as the serial number of the car.

The four most frequent locations for a vehicle’s VINs are as follows:

  • Under the hood (on one side of the block)
  • Driver’s side interior dash)
  • The front end of the frame (more than usual on older vehicles)
  • Driver’s side door pillar

The dash’s front to the driver’s side is the most popular place to glance. All you need to do is gaze across the window from outside the vehicle.

You can also identify the VIN code by checking the registration, insurance card, or title of your vehicle. But, the actual VIN on your vehicle is the most reliable and accurate since it cannot be changed.

When a mechanic can decode your VIN to obtain the manufacturer’s number, they’ll be able to locate the factory key code and make you a new key for your car.

If you’re trying to figure out your VIN on your own, it is possible to search for the VIN decoder online to assist. The numbers are generally read by comparing left with right; each digit can give you specific details.

Digit 1 Location of manufacturer

Digital numbers 2 and 3. A manufacturing firm

Digits 4–8 Type and dimension of the engine in the vehicle

Digit 9 A manufacturer’s security number

Digit 10 is the model number and year of the car.

Digit 11 Manufacturing plant

Digits 12-17: The serial number

Naturally, the meaning of each number varies based on the kind of vehicle.

You’ll Never Get Locked Out of Your Car Again

Using the VIN, you now know how to find Ford’s keyless entry number. So even if you don’t own the vehicle with the keyless code entry option, At least you are aware of the power your VIN number holds.