All you want to know about Flying Monkey 5e familiar dnd

Flying Monkey 5e

Is Flying Monkey 5e dnd overpowered Familiar?

Your 5e flying monkey may be the most striking thing about it. Espionage is one of the primary uses for familiars. Regular familiars, such as birds, cats, vermin, and small animals, can wander freely around cities and camps without being detected. Even if they fail to pass their stealth checks, there is a high probability that they won’t be noticed. This luxury is not available to a flying monkey. The novelty of having a flying monkey can be a problem unless it has an exceptional ability all its own.

Cool and thematic, a dnd 5e flying monkey familiar is excellent. You wouldn’t have nerfed climb and fly speeds. It would be more fun just to let the familiar be the best. An extraordinary familiar doesn’t destabilize play and can often provide a lot of enjoyment for interested players. To make up the difference in power, I would allow another non-familiar penalty for nerfing.

Suppose you make an ad-hoc change to a class’s power in older editions (i.e., you charge spell slots for making ad-hoc class power changes in AD&D 1e or 2e. A significant power boost that doesn’t increase over time would require capturing a specific spell level. You wouldn’t allow players to sacrifice their ability until they have a slot of the appropriate level. Upgrades with-level powers would be charged a spell slot at the highest level that the caster would have (meaning higher-level spells would not come later unless the player has very high attribute modifiers). These seemed to work well, and you may constantly be looking for a more straightforward and more effective way to teach non-spell casting classes.

Your player would have the land speed set at 20 and the other speeds at 40, respectively. You may also increase the creature’s size from Small to give it more HP. Would you charge her for a second-level spell slot once she reaches level 3?

Flying Monkey 5e

Unaligned Small Beast

Armor Class12

Hit Points3 (1d6)

Speed: 20 ft. Climb 20 ft. Fly 30 ft.

  • STR 8 (-1)
  • DEX 14 (+2)
  • CON 11 (+0).
  • INT5 (-3)
  • WIS 12 (+1)
  • CHA 6 (-2)

Senses passive Perception 11


Challenge0 (10 XP).

Use Pack Tactics. Suppose at least one of the monkeys’ allies is within 5 yards of the creature, and the ally hasn’t become incapacitated. In that case, the flying monkey will have an advantage in an attack roll against it.

Take Action

Take a bite. Attack with a melee weapon:+1 to hit. Reach 5 ft., one goal.Hit:1 (1d4-1) Piercing Damage