Dragonhide armor 5e vs. dragon scale armor d&d

Dragonhide armor 5e vs. dragon scale armor d&d
Dragonhide armor 5e vs. dragon scale armor d&d

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Difference between Dragonhide armor 5e & Dragon scale armor in dnd

Dragon scale Armor 5e is an uncommon scale mail. In contrast, Dragonhide armor 5e is made with dragon skin and leather. Let us jump into the main difference between the two.

Dragon Scale Armor 5e

It is a suit of high-quality scale mail made of shaved dragon scales. The armor, despite being medium, makes little noise and does not impose a disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Cost 500 GP
Armor Class (AC) 14 + Dex modifier (max 2)
Strength Str 11
Weight 40 lb.

Medium Armor

Neutral Buoyancy. The armor, despite being medium, has neutral buoyancy in water. It means that s a wearer falls into water or moves within the water. This armor suppose does not cause them to sink or to float.

Mostly Mundane. This armor is a mundane set of armor made with dragon scales. Any sufficiently skilled armorer can make a suit of it. Even though the scales have a magical absorption property, neither the suit nor the scales register as magical when magic detection is used.

Effect Absorption. The wearer of this armor has the advantage of saving throws on an effect based on the kind of dragon scales used.

The armor itself is immune to the effect.

Scale Color D10 Save Advantage vs. effect
Red 1 Fire
White 2 Cold
Blue 3 Lightning
Green 4 Poison
Black 5 Acid
Gold 6 Fire
Silver 7 Cold
Bronze 8 Lightning
Brass 9 Fire
Copper 10 Acid

Dragonhide Armor 5e

Dragonhide – Armor smiths can use the hides from dragons to create armor and shields of superior quality. A single dragon can produce enough leather to make a single suit masterwork hide armor for one category of the creature more diminutive than the dragon. An armor smith can make one suit masterwork banded mail to fit a creature that is two sizes smaller. One suit of masterwork half-plate for a creature that is three sizes smaller. One suit of masterwork breastplate for a beast that is four sizes smaller. As long as the dragon is large enough, there is enough hide to make a small or large masterwork shield.

Druids are allowed to wear dragonhide armor as it isn’t made from metal.

Although dragonhide armor is twice as expensive as masterwork armor, it is much cheaper than the average armor.

Dragonhide is ten hits per inch in thickness and hardness.

There has to be a way to create light and medium armor. It is not just heavy armor made from any hide or skin. Boots are made from alligator skin, which is probably the closest thing to an actual dragon in the real world. It’s thin, soft leather. The market is enormous for medium and light dragonhide armor in 5e dnd. 

What is the cost of Dragon hide armor in dnd 5e?

 The 12 ages of the MM Dragons are broken down into 12 different types. Each generation has a +to natural AC that is inherent in the armor. That is not automatic. To determine if the armor has masterwork, the crafter must also roll. 20 on a sider works well for me. The maximum armor bonus for wyrmlings would be +1, in addition to the type of armor; leather is AC2, and the full plate is AC 8. That is without any enhancements. However, pricing and rarity would treat armor as if they were enhanced.

A set of wyrmling Dragonhide LEATHER armor (comprised of 16 wyrmlings) would cost AC 3. A full plate from wyrmling Dragonhide would cost AC 9. AC 20 would be the price for an UNENHANCED plate made from hides of great wyrms. Only 1 set of medium-sized, full plate armor is possible with the “suitable” dragon hide, no pun intended.

I say this to those who think that it’s too extravagant and everyone will want one. 16 Wyrmlings are needed to create one set of medium-sized masterwork armor. 1 of the 20 sets of masterwork dragonhide armor has an additional AC bonus. To get one AC 20 full plate, the party must kill 20 great Wyrms. While breastplate requires the same amount as Dragonhide, you can make twice the number of striped suits with the same amount. That is insane. The full plate is AC 8. The 5e chain shirt is AC 4. Leather is AC 2. You can make two sets of AC 4 armor, four sets of AC 2 armor, or eight sets of AC 0 armor if you have one set of full plates.

Dragonhide should also be resistant to the breath of this type of dragon, in my opinion. For each of the 12 ages, I would recommend a minimum of 3% resistance. A white dragon wyrmling’s worked Dragonhide would resist white dragon breath by exhibiting 3% resistance. The 36% resistance to gold Dragon breath would be achieved by the worked hide of a great wyrm gold dragon.

Dragonhide can be used to create masterwork hide armor, shields and breastplates. It all depends on the dragon’s size. Only one benefit is mentioned: Druids can wear all of these armors without penalty (except for non-proficiency). Although I would have expected that Dragonhide armor in 5e dnd would provide some form of energy resistance or benefit, I have not seen any.