Do You Need A Trailer On A Chatterbait? Best Chatterbait Trailer

Do You Need A Trailer On A Chatterbait? Best Chatterbait Trailer

Do You Need A Trailer On A Chatterbait? Best Chatterbait Trailer

Fishing is the best fun way to spend your free time. Nothing can beat the thrill of capturing your favorite fish like tuna, Salmon, Bass, Mackerel, and Sardines, among others. Nowadays, the lure has taken the fishing market by storm. Chatterbait start gaining national attention in the early 2000s. It continues to shock nearly everyone that touches it. Chatterbait became the most common name known as a vibrating or bladed swim jig. Many people produce these lures, but the original one is Zman’s Chatterbait. Now it has become the trademark name for this type of lure. 

What is a Chatterbait?

Chatterbait is a luring jig with hook and blade as their main elements. When thrown into the sea, it attracts fish by its motion, colors, vibrations, and sound. The blade produces clicking sounds and vibrations to lure more significant fish types. 

But the question is, do you need a trailer on a Chatterbait? Chatterbait fish will catch many basses alone, but adding a soft plastic trailer will enhance catching more fish. You can add many colors to the Chatterbait by attaching a plastic trailer. However, these qualities make it the best choice for fishing in muddy waters in which fish attracts the movements with the help of their sonar ability. The fish bite this foreign object by mistake for wounded prey, so swallowing the hook as well. 

Do We Need Trailor On A Chatterbait? A Quick Review

A Chatterbait will fish many basses, but adding a soft plastic trailer to it will enhance the chances of catching more fish. The Chatterbait has plenty of vibrations and actions for attracting bass. But you can also add more buoyancy bulk and move to the lure with a plastic trailer attached to the bladed jig. You can also add more colors to the Chatterbait with the help of a plastic trailer in a contrasting hue. There is much variety of soft plastics, including toad-style baits, beaver-style baits, and paddle tail swimbaits that can be attached to the Chatterbait. 

Specific components consider when deciding on a Chatterbait trailer. The two most important details are the action and the color of the trailer. The trailer’s purpose is to capture some prey while drawing as much attention as possible. The trailer must be terrible, forcing the bass to attack it. 

Color – Color is the main detail that considers while buying Chatterbait. The trailer color should match the color of the Chatterbait skirt. It would be best to throw darker-colored baits in darker and muddy water. 

Size and shape – The other factor is the size and shape of the trailer. It would help if you paired your Chatterbait with craws and creatures. Keep the trailer at a modest length to make sure the trailer sticks to the fish and get a good hook set.

Best Chatterbait Trailer Reviews 

  • Split-Tail Grubs

Review Of The Trailer 

  • It is the best trailer because it gives the lure increased tail actions and added length. 
  • This type of Chatterbait works best when the bass is intricate due to fishing pressure and clear water conditions. 
  • This trailer is ideal for Chatterbait when you want to fish the bladed jig in vegetation. Because the grub is smooth and glides through the grass, if you use bulky trailers with appendages, it will tend to cause your bladed jig to bog down in the weeds. 
  • It is the first trailer you should choose as it helps to catch both numbers of bass and quality fish. 
  • Flukes

Review Of The Trailer 

  • Fluke is a soft jerk bait that is a perfect bladed jig trailer. It shines in fall, winter, and summer when the bass feed mainly on shad. 
  • When you attached it on the back of a Chatterbait, the Fluke copies the same gliding action as a swimming shad. 
  • When you try this combination, you see shad flipping on the surface or balls of baitfish on your electronics. Throw it around grass, rocks, and stumps to catch bass entrapping baitfish.
  • Plastic Craws

Review Of The Trailer 

  • It has flappy appendages that add bulk and action to the trailer. 
  • This trailer has craw that is an ideal trailer for many occasions. 
  • It works best in dirty water conditions. 
  • A craw is attached to a bladed jig that moves more water and allows this combo to work on a slow recovery. 
  • This combination is effective in both hot and cold water. 
  • Zoom Speed Craw

Review Of The Trailer

  • This trailer is viral for its versatility. 
  • It is perfect for flipping structures and laydowns.
  • Their appendages give the maximum movement, and the bass could not resist it.
  • It comes in a 10-pack that has multiple colors of your choice. 
  • Bass Pro Shops Speed Shad

Review Of The Trailer 

  • It has an oversized paddle tail swimbait that does a deadly fishing lure for big bass. This swimbait serves as a great trailer. 
  • Its large tail produces considerable movement, and its body gives more vibration. 
  • It is one of the best Chatterbait trailers for areas with abundant baitfish.

Benefits Of Using Chatterbait

Highly effective – Using Chatterbait makes it an extremely effective lure for big fish. With a proper color choice and vibrations, you will surely catch many fish.

Easy to cast – It is easy to throw even in high winds to the exact spot where you want to fit it. Since its weight is unevenly distributed and falls more towards the head, you can be drawn the bait in the direction you want. 


Chatterbait works exceptionally in early spring. Adding a trailer to the Chatterbait could hurt your bite ratio as it interferes with the trailer’s natural action. Chatterbait and trailer are great ways to catch bass in any situation. You can fish a Chatterbait at high productive areas such as stumps, docks, submerged vegetation, ledges, points, and challenging button areas.