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Kenpachi Ramasama

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Kenpachi Ramasama

Kenpachi Ramasama is a spectrum square’s sprite – bot, companion whom he repaired while still a resident of the stable. Kenpachi’s AI was discovered by Spectrum Square on a pre-war robotics circuit board. Spectrum hacked into the board’s memory and transferred the AI into a sandboxed sector of his Pip Buck, causing it to awaken. Contained in Spectrum’s Pip Buck, Kenpachi quickly began to develop his personality and became a childhood friend of Spectrum Square’s.

Later, before Spectrum was exiled from Stable 113, he was given a broken sprite-bot as a farewell gift by the Stable’s technology archivists. Spectrum repaired the sprite-bot body and transferred Kempachi’s mind into it before venturing out into the wasteland.

At the end events of the Sierra Madre chapter of the campaign, Spectrum Square obtained a new experimental Star Build body to replace the Kempachi’s old body, which was destroyed by Spyglass earlier at the resort.

In his original build, Kenpachi had a modified orb-shaped sprite-bot body with four legs, two arm extensions, and mechanical wings.


In his current Star Build, Kenpachi has a glowing star-shaped chassis with no legs, two arm extensions, and forcefield wings.

In contrast to Spectrum Square, Kenpachi Ramasama is loud, impatient, obnoxious, and loves to brag. Although he is sometimes helpful to the group, he generally enjoys being a minor nuisance to the protagonists.

Kenpachi’s personality is likely more than just some normal AI. During the events at the Sierra Madre Resort, spyglass rigged him to explode, destroying him entirely. When the party broke into the Sierra Madre vault they found an experimental Star Build sprite-bot. Square reinstalled Kempachi’s AI into the new sprite-bot and the new Kenpachi seemed to recall all the events that happened around the protagonists between that moment and when Spyglass blew him up. He knows that Spyglass destroyed his original body, but he has yet to reveal this secret to the party. Instead, he subtly guilt-trips Spyglass for it from time to time. He speaks in an excited colt-like voice and pronounces emoticons.


Spectrum Square could equip firearm weapons onto Kempachi’s arm extensions, which were specially modified to be equipped onto sprite-bots. Kenpachi could also fly and was later upgraded to be able to auto-pilot most vehicles.

With his Star Build body, Kenpachi can use Spectrum Square’s magic to project simple programmed pixel constructs, similar to the ones that Spectrum Square conjures with his spells



  • Kenpachi Ramasama’s name is a recommendation to the Girlchan In Paradise character of the same name.
  • Ramasama was described as a My Little Pony character for 2Snacks’ video of the Persona 4 playthrough.
  • Matt and Pat quickly reference Kenpachi Ramasama in the bloopers/outtakes of Catherine.
  • Kenpachi Ramasama is also concisely mentioned in Super Best Friends Play Tekken 7 in Part 02