Certification Helps To Get Into The Machine Learning Profession

Certification Helps To Get Into The Machine Learning Profession

Certification Helps To Get Into The Machine Learning Profession

We have heard that data science is one of the most demanding jobs, it is the sexiest job, and many more. But How do we end up in the data science job role? What do we need to study, what are the languages and programs we need to learn? What certification programs do we need to get? Various questions will arise when you switch your career to data science.

Before recruiting to the data science field, the recruiters will examine the candidates in every aspect. Skillsets come primarily, and then the certifications come secondary. Even though certifications come secondary, they prove the skills and knowledge you possess about the subject. Be its Data science, machine learning, or Artificial Intelligence. Certifications will help you to prove your excellence in the field.

Here we are bringing you the guide for the certification programs that will help you land up in the data science machine learning field. These certifications add value to your portfolio by collecting projects. Before getting into the professional certification, we need to understand machine learning? And which course and certification suit your profile.

Data science and analytics are advanced and surging technologies that are booming. Machine Learning is an implementation that enables a system to learn data patterns of data. If you are interested in automation and algorithms, then Machine Learning excites you. There are plenty of certification programs available on the internet today related to machine learning. From PG diploma certifications to Master’s degree programs, you can earn certification and degrees at your home from top universities.

Before choosing the certification programs, you need to consider a few facts.

Time: Choose the program to invest your time in as these courses require dedicated time from you. Choose wisely courses based on duration if you are a working professional.

  • Skillset: Programmes and languages are vital for Machine Learning. When selecting the courses, go through the programming languages which you learn. Select the languages and other skills you want to learn and then match the course curriculum.
  • Important Languages and Programming: If you come from a non-technical background, it is advisable to learn the programming languages, and later you can take Machine Learning. Python, R, SQL, Excel are the essential programming languages widely used in Machine Learning. Various online platforms offer SQL certification courses, Python certification courses, and basics of Machine Learning programs.
  • Cost: Cost is another thing which you need to be considered. Our expectations should be within our budget limit. You can find various courses and programs as per your budget. Choose wisely.

Top certification programs for Machine Learning.

  • SAS Certified AI & Machine Learning Professional
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • TensorFlow Developer Certificate
  • Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning from Simplilearn
  • Machine Learning Certification by Stanford University from Coursera
  • Machine Learning with TensorFlow from Coursera
  • Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure by Microsoft
  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp by Udemy.