15 best wizard 5e spells in dnd, you need to play

15 best wizard 5e spells in dnd
15 best wizard 5e spells in dnd

15 best wizard spells in d&d 5e

Wizards in 5e are known for their authentic catalogue of magic and spells in Dungeons and Dragons. Wizards are famously known for their extensive knowledge of magic and magic spell from the different classes of Dungeons and Dragons and just like the other classes, the wizard’s spell list features at least twice as many spells as the others ranging from spells in charge of damage to summoning of allies to protecting altering the battlefield hence these are the best 15 spells they possess and include the following;

Wish 5e:

This is not easily accessible to the wizards but still available to some of them because thought is functional to only the highest level wizards and this spell has several purposes like it is capable of duplicating the consequences of half any other effects of the game, establishing resources out of thin air or just embodying feet illustrated and it’s impossible to find a predicament that cannot be removed with the casting of this spell. Regardless of its capability, the spell doesn’t rank among the top spells due to limited accessibility which mitigates its purposes since many players will go through an entire game without being able to use it.

Misty step 5e

This spell is one of the initial teleportations, attainable to wizards to enable them to escape any constraints or another creature’s grapple easily and entitles the caster to give an extra thirty feet of motion on one’s turn and in any direction

Find familiar 5e

This is an extraordinary yet underrated spell that is limited to the wizard class. This spell enables the caster to invoke a familiar and once a conjured wizard can regulate its familiar to see and hear things using its senses as an action. This spell also facilitates wizards to turn into combat and move items around on the battlefield even though it is unable to apply the attack action hence using this technique as a help action to constantly provide benefit on one’s invasion.

Clone 5e

The clone dnd 5e is also known as the stellar Necromancy spell and among the effective spells of the wizards unfortunately it is not available to the full journey of a wizard but somehow makes it to the top 15 spell list because of its immortality enchantment by assembling an identical body of a target and once the spell expires and their spell remains intact it will automatically enter the body of the clone and hence possessing all their stats, abilities and magic.

Bigby’s hand 5e

This spell summarises the flexibility of wizard magic to a T.A concentration spell that conjures a large hand for up to a minute and hence the hand mimics the actions of the caster hence this hand can be used to punch or grapple foes, serve as a cover and even in moving objects. This, therefore, allows a single spell to cover numerous bases of utility even though it is horrible, defensive, or essentially protective.

Detect magic 5e

This is one of the most considerable reasons to keep around a wizard to make it apparent for a party of adventurers to identify whenever magic or spell is being exercised. Gratuitous arcana checks are supervised by a kind dungeon master and usually, players won’t know that they are dealing with a magical trap, door or item until it’s way too late and hence this is where detect magic is utilized. Besides disclosing any magic within 30 feet from the caster for the next 10 minutes, it can also be able to give an account of the kind, or school of magic at play hence alerting the party of whether they might be dealing with a dangerous trap or just a harmless illusion. Another fact, not known to many is that a player can spend about 10 minutes casting detect magic as a ritual where in this case it doesn’t consume a spell slot hence adding extra flexibility to an established stellar spell.

Feather fall 5e

This spell is cast as a first response and it is known as the 1st level transmutation spell which authorizes the players to choose up to five falling creatures within 60ft. In dungeon and dragons, pit traps and dangerous heights are more popular than mosquitoes on a humid summer day and thus feather fall is like that mosquito repellent any party would be grateful to have to discourage the persistent danger of perilous falls.

Mage Armor 5e

For safety purposes, every wizard should have a mage Armor to reimburse for their deficiency since they have the lowest armor class in the game to encourage them to stay competent and active throughout the adventure. This is because without this, it is unsafe and dangerous to a wizard and it would be like asking to be torn into shreds by an attack from the enemy.

Invisibility 5e

Invisibility is sometimes known as 2nd level illusion spell, an iconic DnD spell that permits the caster to turn his or herself invisible plus the entire party, a stunt that can be used to exit or bypass opponents.

Shield 5e

This is a 1st level abjuration that requires a response to be cast and whenever a player casts a shield they earn up to +5 bonus to AC until the next round which also applies to a factor that resulted in the player casting the shield in the first place hence it is an irreparable measure of protection against high damage dealing Melee opponents.

Hypnotic pattern 5e

This is a third level illusion spell, eligible to knock up to six opponents out in a fight for an expansive period and hence proposes concentration because each creature inside of a 30-foot cube within 120 feet is forced to make a Wisdom saving throw and thus if a creature fails the saving throw it is disabled by the mesmerising show of lights and will remain in that condition until it approves the damage or another creature spends an action waking it and therefore it is significant when a party has been outnumbered by enemies that won’t be extinguished single-handedly.

Fireball 5e

Fireball dnd 5e is a spell known and famously enjoyed by DnD players and thus why the developers of the game have indicated that it was deliberately made and overpowered since it is an iconic spell because when a player casts he expects it to explode and cause mass destruction. Fireball incites damage at a range of 150 feet and there’s nowhere to hide or run when a wizard uses the mighty fireball in 5e dnd.

Dispel magic 5e

This is the 3rd level abjuration spell that works excellently in tandem together with detect magic and ends any spell of the 3rd level or lower, on one targeted creature or object or magical effect however a wizard will not be able to help the rest of the party avert its effects simply because it has detected the presence of magic.

Counterspell 5e

This is the third level abjuration spell with dispelling ambient magic or magical traps with the potential to abort magical spells coming from the enemy hence any wizard casting counterspell 5e needs to be acutely conscious of their stances with regards to the enemy spellcasters as it could be frustrating to try and 5e d&d counterspell a fireball only to have a DM say that the character is out of range.

Wall of force 5e

As much as all classes of spellcasters are equal, wizards are the most prominent spell casters because of their ability to control the battlefield, however, the wall of force is the 5th level of evocation spell that places a magical barrier at the point of a player’s choice within 120feet. It is always an excellent idea when a wizard places a wall or an impassable surface that offers resistance to any form of damage that extends as far as the objective of the combat is concerned and hence a wizard can split a battlefield in the party’s favour separating the enemies from the allies and negating advantageous enemy positions thus why wizards are the kings of control and wall of force is a satisfactory spell the game has to offer of all the spells.

What are the best of the wizard spells for every level?

Best level 1 wizard 5e spells: Find Familiar.

It is best used when ;
Scouting, they make outstanding scouts due to their mastery to see through their eyes
Help in combat, they use the help action option against the adjacent allies that force them to apply the attack rolls
Transmitting touch spells, this option is best used defensively when targeting an ally with invisible spells, or with a shocking grasp cantrip for as long as they are within 100 feet of each other.

Second best level 1 wizard 5e spell: shield.

It is best used for survival reasons by permitting one to miss an attack or strike aimed at them and the fact that wizards have fewer hit points than the other classes and to avoid damage, it is better to opt for this spell to stay alive.

Best level 2 wizard 5e spell: invisibility

This is best used for Infiltrating, invisibility is a dominant tool since the majority of the creatures don’t know how to  tackle this spell because it makes it possible to gain entrance to restricted areas a lot easier without the enemy realizing.
Escaping facilitates one to exit a trap set by their opponents or enemies and also renders it difficult for their enemies to trace them for as long as they are cautious enough not to make any noise as they will surely hear you
Getting a surprise round ensures a surprise round because an attacker not seen by their target can easily take advantage of the attack rolls to fight their way out of the ambush.

Second best level 2 wizard 5e spell: Misty Step.

This acts as teleportation and is best used when;
Escaping, this spell is used when a wizard is caught up in a circumstance where it requires to get away because Misty Step provides 30feet unhampered movement.
Arriving at places, teleportation enables vertical movement of the wizards and thus with 30 feet, it can easily get to very low or very high places.
Infiltration, teleportation enables wizards to bypass locked doors and walls.

Best level 3 wizard 5e spell: Haste

Fighting a formidable foe!
Offers a massive boost to one of its allies or even to themselves and it would be worthwhile to use it as a trump card in dangerous combats.
Fighting on a large battlefield, this spell lets your allies be where they need to be. It also utilizes the extra action to Dash to generate a speed four times movement in a single turn hence a good amount of mobility

Second best level 3 wizard 5e spell: Fireball

It can be utilized in the following ways:
Fighting many enemies, it encircles a 20ft radius circle aiming at as many enemies as possible.
To cause mass destruction quickly, the 8d6 fire damage destroys everything on the surface of earth affecting all the flammable objects and depending on what was meant to be destroyed for example manor or fort.

Best level 4 wizard 5e spell: polymorph

It is used when in need to combat boost and an enemy needs to be taken out of the fight to prevent any further damage caused on small animals.

Second best level 4 wizard 5e spell: Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere

This spell is used for survival purposes and all you need is to put them in a hamster ball and if one proposes to take an enemy out of a fight thus why it is similar to a polymorph and the adversary has to fail a Dexterity saving throw to be trapped in the sphere and to be rendered useless.

Best level 5 wizard spell: Bigby’s Hand

It is used to deal with several continuous damages, grappling a creature and when in need of extra mobility in moving heavy things

Second best level 5 wizard 5e spell: the wall of force

The spell helps in dividing a massive panel of force and trapping the enemy without so much saving throw. It is also used for safety purposes in safeguarding a large group of people and creating shine platforms or terrains depending on the intended purpose

Best level 6 wizard 5e spell: Soul Cage( XGtE)

It is used to fight against mages and other formidable enemies by fighting off spell casters and gathering information while playing an evil character.

Second best level 6 wizard 5e spell: Scatter

The spell enables escaping If within 120 feet of movement in the case where you need a quick getaway, it also repositions your party in the battlefield by easily transporting your team to an enemy’s space as a way in which to scatter and separate the enemy team

Best level 7 wizard 5e spell: Simulacrum

It is used when copying oneself because two wizards are better than one or copying another spell caster or even other powerful allies. This increases one’s power to handle a situation.

Second best level 7 wizard spell: Forecage

It protects you and your allies by trapping the enemy team since nothing comes into the Forecage and the ones inside are free from outside attacks for a stipulated time.

Best level 8 wizard spell: Maze

This spell is used to get rid of one creature this is because it is potent enough to warrant the use of a spell spot. It does this by utterly shutting down a combat encounter before it starts or at its worst and tipping the scales significantly in your favour. Therefore a maze is one of the more potent banishment types of spells as it immediately takes effect without needing a save and escaping requires a DC 20 intelligence check.

Second best level 8 wizard spell: Demiplane

This spell is used to create one-dimensional space called Demiplanes which are used for storage, fitted as rooms, or made into prisons for trapping someone or somethings by leaving them in the space whereby there will be no escape passage unless they have interdimensional travel.

Best level 9 wizard spell: Wish

It is used when one needs a particular spell effect since the wish spell gives the wizard capability to access all 8th level spells or lower hence invoking several effects in solving other problems. This spell is also used to generate an object worth 25000 gold pieces and gain free money

Second best level 9 wizard spell: Polymorph

It is used in tackling a problem by turning into any creature and gives you options that will help you in tackling the ongoing issue and also offering a massive combat boost to achieve the energy needed by the creature in tackling the problem while enabling it to maintain concentration so as take an enemy out in case of a fight otherwise they will be stuck in that form and if the spell lasts for an entire hour, they permanently transform

In conclusion, the article is about the 15 best wizard spells in DnD 5e which have been discussed in detail. The blog has further explained the purposes of the wizard spells for every level.