10 unknown facts about Kenpachi Zaraki’s Bankai Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki's bankai in Bleach?

What is Kenpachi Zaraki’s Bankai at Bleach?

An excerpt is taken from the Bleach Wiki Page on Zaraki Kenpachi Shikai. Before Kenpachi even knew its name Nozarashi was believed to be Kenpachi’s overwhelming Reiatsu. Thatis was due to the more elaborate design of its body. The release command for Nozarashi is to drink (Tun me nome). Nozarashi is released as a hybrid ax/war knife with a long, cloth-wrapped hand and a tassel at the top.

Shikai Special Ability: Nozarashi’s released state possesses incredible attack power. It can easily destroy a large meteorite with one attack. Kenpachi can also use it to cut through opponents’ bodies and space.

Bankai: Unnamed – Upon activation, Kenpachi’s Bankai emits a massive wave of energy strong enough to destroy nearby buildings. Kenpachi’s skin becomes reddish, and he develops horns and black marks on his forehead and face. He is reminiscent of an oni. The blade of Kenpachi’s Shikai form is altered. It has a shorter and more jagged blade that resembles a rough cleaver.

Bankai Special Ability: Kenpachi has a Bankai that grants him extraordinary physical strength and cutting ability. He can effortlessly overthrow a giant Gerard Valkyrie in one blow, rip off his arm with one motion, and then cut him in half from a distance.

Why is it that Yachiru is Kenpachi’s Bankai?

Yachiru is Nozarashi. She forced Kenpachi to manifest in some manner. That is when Kenpachi began subconsciously sealing his power. Kubo made a great foreshadowing display. In chapter 114, Yachiru appears and asks for her name. She responds! Her mouth is open as though she were talking to the panel. However, no bubbles appear. It is Kenpachis’ flashback. He can see her mouth moving but cannot hear her name. We ignored it at the time, but later that flashback pops up after he discovers her real name.

It is said to be screaming at Ichigo during their fight. Yachiru isn’t in it, though. So Kenpachis’s soul is screaming in pain at his subconscious suppression, not Yachiru. Yachiru, Nozarashi, was unable to hear him due to his subconscious. Even though the manifestation forced his way out to make it possible for him to listen to his name, he was too locked up. Even though he tried to contact her through his mind, the seals were still there. But slowly, he was breaking them in each fight. In their battle, Ichigo died several seals. One was broken because Kenpachi needed his strength to return, and several more as he began to see himself as more than a tool. Hueco Mundo saw more of these breaks, and Unohana killed them all.

Nozarashi was her nickname – when Kenpachi enters Shikai, Yachiru poofs out and re-enters their world. Later, she appears and attains Kenpachi’s Bankai status – This is one of my favorite Bankais (alongside Benihimes and Dual Zangetsu). Kenpachi’s body is unable to handle it for two reasons. One, it was too powerful. Two, his body had already had the time to release all of his power (that he wasn’t used to containing). Then he achieved Shikai, which increased his power (Stress increase!). In a short time, he achieved Bankai. Yachiru had the task of monitoring his growth as the stress from the increased power was too great. It’s like Let’s say, Kenpachi’s strength was 15, but he suddenly raised his force to 15000. Normally, Kenpachis’s power wouldn’t harm him – it is his power – but the sheer growth caused problems.

Kenpachi’s in that period had the greatest power growth of all the series. Ichigo’s Dagai was not short. It took three months to train in Ichigo. Kenpachi was able to complete ten times the training in just a few days.

What happened to Yachiru, Kenpachi’s lieutenant at the end of Bleach? How did she unlock his Bankai’s locks?

Everyone has stated that she is his zanpakuto spirit. It appears so after reading the chapter in which he uses his Bankai.

He is told by her that if he uses ME correctly, there’s no one he can’t trim.”

However, there is evidence in the wiki and anime/manga to suggest she isn’t. That is most likely a plot hole or something similar by the creator. He should have just said it straight.

  • A zanpakuto is her ability to release two spirits. Because Kenpachi has only strength and cutting power, I don’t believe his soul can do any other things.
  • She ages faster than any other zanpakuto spirit.
    • All other zanpakuto spirits don’t change except for going into Bankai. They all started as they are now.
  • Ichigo fought Kenpachi zangetsu. He said that Kenpachi was almost in pain because he treated his sword and didn’t ask for its exact name. It would be reasonable to expect yachiru to display similar behaviors.
    • Similar to this, Kenpachi’s zanpakuto suffered from the same treatment as his sword. He and his sword had constantly been damaging it. That would have led to hostility from yachiru.

According to my knowledge, the creator tried to complete the manga in a hurry.

What is the strength of Kenpachi in Bleach?

End of the series Kenpachi, Nozarashi, and a FULLY. I repeat. I repeat. A Bankai fully mastered would easily rank in the top 10, if not five, strongest characters in Bleach.

1 – Ywach ABSORBED God and could rip apart THREE dimensions simultaneously.

2 – Sosuke-Aizen-Hear me. Yes, Aizen could not fight against Dangai. However, he was in a sealed state (AKA Chair Sama) and had all of his power shut off. Okay. MOST. His power. That is more than 50%, according to most. He was a lot stronger in this sealed state than he was when he fought Dangai. And this was even though he had lost more than half his power. He’s also deserving of Kyoka Suigetsu and near-instantaneous regeneration if his Bankai can warp reality.

Yamamoto 3: Get on board. Yamamoto. Yamamoto can dry out the entire WORLD by going to Bankai. THE WORLD. He has technique after technique. Plus, he has over 2000 years of experience.

4 – Ichigo

Kenpachi is the last. Kenpachi is the best in terms of strength (i.e., who can cut through the most difficult thing). His Shikai’s power? Is it a shtick? It can cut through anything. He then proved that statement by cutting a METEOR in half. His Bankai then multiplies this strength by tens, if not hundreds, of times because its entire shtick, pure and unsurpassed power, is again. With his TEETH, he tore the Miracle’s arm. HIS TEETH! HIS TEETH! He would not even feel the pain. But Ywach and Aizen would be too much, I think.


EOS Kenpachi is fifth in raw Reiryoku level. That does not include any HAX abilities, such as Gerard’s Miracle and Ichibei’s ability to take away powers. His Shikai is the most powerful. His Bankai multiplies this ability, and his already tremendous strength, by many tens or hundreds of times.