10 Things you Never knew about Scott McKay Patriot Street Fighter

Scott McKay Patriot Street Fighter

10 Things you Never knew about Scott McKay Patriot Street Fighter | Best Street Fighter of all Time

Scott McKay is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who specializes in arthroscopy and sports injury management. When designing a unique treatment plan for your specific ailment, he believes in involving his patients and families in the decision-making process.

1. Member of the Pediatric Researchers in Sports

He has lectured on various issues in pediatric orthopedic surgery at the state, federal, and international levels. In 2017, he was one of three Pediatric Orthopedic Societies of North America (POSNA) traveling fellows to South America. He’s also a member of the Pediatric Researchers in Sports Medicine (Perspective) society’s many research focus groups.

Scott Mckay’s Patriot Streetfighter Tour will take place from the first to the final week of September. He said that such a tour was substantially different from the prior one and that it had his “dream squad” of individuals.

The tour’s primary goal is to educate and teach people how to fight back against widespread social and political practices. Scott McKay provides insight into the Patriot Street Fighter Tour.

The court said this tour would be more intensive since he had recently lost his father. 

2. His primary goals

 It is to unite people and show them how powerful we are as equals against Evil machines. He wants people to be aware that there are organizations of individuals who can control people’s awareness to obtain what they desire.

Life might throw you for a loop at times. It leads you down unexpected routes and causes you to reconsider decisions you’ve made (or almost made) in the past. Scott McKay is all too aware of this. Following his decision to forego a football career to pursue a career as a Navy fighter, and after seeing the US government’s injustice, Scott made it his goal to combat corruption in politics.

In this episode, you’ll learn about God’s domain in quantum physics and the battle against corrupt politicians.

  • How to convert adversity into an advantage
  • “God Consciousness” Has Power
  • Scott McKay is someone you should get to know.

3. Scott McKay is a professional bodybuilder.

 Who works as a health sector entrepreneur. His life hobbies have led him to that same political arena. He channeled his energies as a great person into his enthusiasm for political campaigns.

Before turning away from the realm of politics, dissatisfied well with the corruption of New York City politics, and giving up his objective of public service, he worked as grunt work, campaign staff, campaign adviser, and Los Angeles Rnc Committee post.

After recovering from a near-fatal, horrific, and crippling motorbike accident in 2014 and regaining full mobility, he returned to the political fray with Donald Trump’s entry. He now conducts a Revolution radio show that he invented. He has been dubbed “The Patriotic Street Fight for the People” on the radio show “The Tipping Point.” In just 13 days, his first LIVESTREAM Post-Election video soared to 345,000 views, catapulting him into Google Censoring Stardom.

4. Scott McKay, who is he?

Scott Mckay began his career as a professional bodybuilder before becoming a wellness sector entrepreneur. His enthusiasm for life pushed him to pursue a career in politics. Before he realized he was disgusted by political events in his neighborhood, he labored as grunt work, campaign manager, and campaign consultant. He had been in a near-fatal, horrific motorbike accident and spent months recovering. He is now the host of Revolution Radio’s “The Tipping Point” television show.

 5. He promoted the trip on his radio and YouTube channel. 

McKay rose to prominence when his post-election video had over 345,000 views in only 13 days. This action made him famous, and he became a Youtube celebrity. He has recently taken over social media to drum up his followers for the trip.

6.Scott McKay is a massive admirer of the show’s viewers.

Who often look to him for inspiration. Scott’s goal is to empower people and assist them in adjusting to the paradigm change he calls “The Great Awakening.” Scott devotes a significant amount of his time and energy to defending and upholding all Americans’ freedoms and inherent rights. Scott is a staunch supporter of the cause

7.McKay’s ability 

To lead his viewers to harass school board members exemplifies the increasingly politicised hatred directed at school board members around the country. It also demonstrates how the right’s fixation on school governing bodies this year has given rise to fringe voices who openly push for violence.


8.McKay dresses

 Like a QAnon biker, regularly appearing in public with leather pants and a leather Harley-Davidson. He rides a motorbike with the paint scheme “Patriot Streetfighter.” McKay posed in his leather suit in the crowd behind the platform at a Trump event last weekend. 

 9. His remarkable work 

Mackay also works on complicated civil litigation, such as current federal action in New York stemming from the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. McKay received his Cumulative Gpa from Catholic University School of Law, where he also worked as an assistant editor for the Law Review. Following law school, he worked as a law clerk for the Idaho Supreme Court’s Hon Byron J. Johnson and Honorable Linda Copple Trout.

 10. Participant of Idaho 

He has been on Court TV and National Public Radio as a legal analyst. He participates in Idaho and the National Organization of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has served on several legal committees, including the Idaho State Bar’s Judicial Independence and Fidelity Committee and the Idaho State Bar’s Judicial Independence and Honesty Committee.

It is critical to our work that we have criminal representation. We have an ethical commitment to safeguarding confidentiality laws, and we can’t have significant legal conversations about the matters we’re working on unless we can guarantee their secrecy.

The new wiretapping legislation will make it practically difficult to represent our clients ethically and effectively. For instance, we have a Saudi Arabian customer whose representation will necessitate extensive contact. So because new law allows the government to wiretap communications,

Final Verdict

Scott saves a notable amount of his mental energy to defend and upholding the freedoms and inherent rights that every American enjoys. Scott is a strong proponent of open discourse, whether about our right to carry guns or freedom of expression.