10 Biggest Commercial Real Estate Companies In USA 2023

10 Biggest Commercial Real Estate Companies In USA 2023

10 Biggest Commercial Real Estate Companies In USA 2023

Commercial properties differ from residential properties because they argue for purposes other than housing. Commercial Real State can include different thoroughfares, parking lots, retail units, and schools. Since these structures have a diverse range of applications, those who buy them must either find an existing firm or employ one of their own that is specialized in whatever service they intend to provide under their roof (i.e., utilities, manufacturing, etc.). As anyone else would be woefully unable to deal with the legal/financial obligations attached to each specific structure’s function, Real Estate Companies have sprung up worldwide by buying off this rule.

Working for a start-up or small established business entity may mean you’ll have the opportunity to wear multiple hats. But in addition, you also get to work closely with other folks in your team – learning from their knowledge and expertise. Therefore, it may be helpful to help define your role(s) by determining what you can contribute most value over time towards the company’s ongoing goals. You might want to set aside some time during this initial phase of this career path so that you can take the time to think about where you see yourself heading down the road before making any decisions that could lock you into a position that could be difficult to reverse later if circumstances change over time.

 RE/MAX Commercial

RE/MAX is a real estate company in the United States and Canada known for its colorful brand logo. The red, white, and blue hot air balloon symbol was introduced to the company’s identity in 2001 when it became beneficial in building brand recognition. RE/MAX finished its first million transaction year in 1989 and since then has become the top performing real estate brokerage network, completing many of those years with an all-time high sales volume!

Coldwell Banker Commercial

Founded in 1925, the realtors at Coldwell Banker have grown to 3,000 offices in 49 different territories and countries. It is a subsidiary of Sears, which in 1981 began venturing into commercial and residential properties. The original Coldwell Banker company underwent an additional change of ownership in 1989.  then it renames when it was separated from the rest of the company to be bought up by a buyout firm (CB Richard Ellis) and maintains its focus on helping consumers to find the best home deals available.


Transwestern has its hand in almost every commercial real estate pie regarding the development and maintenance of the industry around the world. The company will develop or manage just about any property and offers services across 34 different U.S. states and international locations such as Luxembourg, Dubai, Mexico, Sweden, and Shanghai! Additionally, Transwestern Commercial provides investors with a broad range of services through different brands such as Transwestern Investment Group, Delta Associates; and Kite Realty Holdings Inc., among others – all to help meet their most pressing commercial real estate needs.

Transwestern is a global real estate company that offers services through different brands such as Transwestern Investment Group and Delta Associates. Founded in 1890, the company now maintains 34 offices in the United States and around 180 offices in 37 different countries globally, such as Devencore and BNP Paribas.

SVN International

According to recent reports, SVN International is a fast-growing commercial real estate brand. They are focusing on building global, diversified business relationships involving the company’s network of over 200 offices in at least seven countries around the globe. A little-known fact about SVN is that they have expanded into several alternative markets for investors. Some examples include natural resources and agriculture – but what caught our attention was their decision to expand into forest product manufacturing.

“SVN International is one of the industry’s fastest-growing commercial real estate companies. Their dedication to customer service and their expanding portfolio of specialty brands, including restaurants, apartments, hotels, and more, solidifies their position as prominent leaders in the field.

SVN International has announced plans to expand and accelerate its current pace shortly. The company will expand its golf course realty division, opening a new office in Japan. The company’s Multifamily department will soon be moving into the New York market, following the rapid expansion of the Country Club Director positions they have created over the last year.

 Lee & Associates

Lee & Associates is commercial business property and asset management company that specializes in the areas of California, Nevada, and Arizona. The company also offers top-rated services like property and asset management, valuation, and financing! As an aspiring realtor with Lee & Associates, you’ll receive world-class training from the most dedicated commercial agent speakers. After completing the rigorous training program, Lee will send you to the field where specialists in leading national firms will mentor you. While operating locally across entire states, Lee & Associates has established itself as one of the world’s most respected commercial organizations.

Since opening in southern California 20 years ago, Lee & Associates has shown impressive growth in expanding their commercial realty services across the country. The company provides a wide array of property and asset management, valuation, and financing services for small to large-sized properties. What makes Lee & Associates stand out from the competition is its commitment to preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that was a crucial part of its founding some 40 years ago and its dedication to serving clients locally.


The JLL we know today was formed in 1999 through a merger of several companies. The origins can be traced back to 1783 when Richard Winstanley founded it as a London auctioneer firm. In 1975, the company opened its first American office in New York and had been accumulating companies, such as Keystone partners. The company aims to participate in the local communities that benefit from its services and places great importance on its employees by providing them with good working conditions and high motivation levels.

JLL is a leading commercial real estate professional services firm in real estate and investment management headquartered in Chicago. JLL is a Fortune 500 company with nearly 300 corporate offices, operations in over 80 countries, and a global workforce of 90,000 as of December 31, 2018. With innovating solutions delivered through client-centric programs and a deep understanding of the real estate market, they are working to achieve operational excellence for the world’s most prestigious companies globally – and right here at home within the United States.

Avison Young

Graeme Young & Associates, a real estate business, merged with Albert David Associates in 1993 to form Avison Young. The real estate and hospitality consultancy was just one of several businesses to start up under the Graeme Young & Associates umbrella, which included investment property management, surveying, and town planning. Together with David’s company, AGY proliferated – having offices spanning Ontario and expanding outwards towards the western side of the country.

Avision Young was initially founded by Graeme Young and Scott Avison in late 2008. The two individuals had an ambitious goal for the real estate industry and wanted to re-design how it functioned as a whole based on their own experiences with realtors before. They wanted to offer comprehensive services that featured commercial real estate opportunities, multifamily units, and homeownership opportunities, among other features that would benefit significantly from the introduction of technology. Their company took time to grow; they set up several offices in Canada to accommodate the growing needs of people looking to buy or sell properties there.

CBRE Group, Inc.

Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis (CBRE) has recently experienced growth due to its market-distinguishing ability and strong customer focus. Founded as the commercial unit of Coldwell Banker, CBRE has shown consistent, notable growth since it gained independence from other departments. For example, in the first quarter of 2013, revenue increased by $107 million over 2012. A real estate services and investment company named Coldwell Banker is pretty successful, showing consistent growth this last year of 5 percent. This company’s independence brought them to the top as one of the world’s leading commercial real estate companies! Coldwell Banker is famous for its outstanding service and a list of satisfied customers that continues to get longer each year.

A real estate services and investment company named Coldwell Banker is pretty successful, showing consistent growth this last year of 5 percent. This company’s independence brought them to the top as one of the world’s leading commercial real estate companies! Coldwell Banker is famous for its outstanding service and a list of satisfied customers that continues to get longer each year.

The Country Bumpkins is rocking the beer joint! As a one-stop facility for property management, home rentals and sales, and real estate investments, the Country Bumpkins’ innovative strategies have garnered massive applause from businesses around the globe. From small rental shops to luxury halls fit for kings and queens, they provide expert advice in finding your dream home and help you find tenants or business partners who will work for hand in hand with the village people of your dreams.

Eastdil Secured

Eastdil Secured has one of the most advanced, innovative, and quick reaction teams in the real estate market. They are well-known throughout the industry and manage their resources very well, thankfully not having to rely on anyone else to help run things efficiently. They recently announced plans to take over management of their own company from Wells Fargo, which has owned Eastdil Secured for almost two decades. The company states that it looks forward to even greater possibilities for success thanks to cutting down on additional regulatory restrictions as a part of this deal.

Eastdil Secured has established a reputation as an industry leader with an advanced and innovative approach to real estate banking. Who announced that Eastdil Secured would take over from Wells Fargo, which has owned them for the past twenty years. In more detail, away from some stricter regulatory pressure, this buyout means they are more likely to expand their business and provide even better possibilities for long-term opportunities to clients.

Eastdil Secured has a solid reputation as an industry leader. They have demonstrated this by purchasing back their management team from Wells Fargo, which had owned Eastdil Secured for the past two decades. Now that the bank can follow a more localized business plan rather than its original parent company’s business plan, it also means that there may be even greater possibilities for Eastdil Secured expansion and fewer regulatory restrictions for them in years to come.

TCN Worldwide

TCN Worldwide is an international dual-listed company that gives shareholders in Toronto and Hong Kong an indicative value of over USD 1.9 billion and helps investors account for shares trading in multiple markets. TCN Worldwide, which operates as a broker in all parts of the world, provides an array of commercial real estate services such as tenant and landlord representation, property acquisition and disposition, construction project management, joint venture relationships, structured finance solutions with direct lenders in the geographies in which it serves.

TCN Worldwide is the world’s largest commercial real estate company by yearly revenue. Such a massive company is a conglomerate of multiple other independent commercial real estate firms, such as Premier Commercial Real Estate, which partially explains its astounding size. 100% dedicated to facilitating engagements between landlords and tenants- TCN Worldwide provides a highly comprehensive selection of services, including but not limited to market research, lease execution, lease analysis, leasing management services, rental negotiations, etc. TCN Worldwide is a subsidiary of Premier Commercial Real Estate, one of the world’s largest real estate management companies. TCN and its affiliates provide property professionals with services including tenant/landlord representation and landlord-tenant association services such as carrying out complex transactions.

TCN Worldwide is the largest Commercial Real Estate Company in the world by yearly revenue. This massive company is a conglomerate of multiple other independent firms, such as Premier Commercial Real Estate Corp. It’s important to note that this powerhouse isn’t just another Commercial Real Estate firm – it’s a worldwide conglomerate offering services like Tenant/Landlord Representation and Property Acquisition and Disposition (to cite some examples).