10 Best UTV Tires for Pavement and Mud

10 Best UTV Tires for Pavement and Mud

10 Best UTV Tires for Pavement and Mud | Best Tires for Rough Terrain

Nothing beats a long drive with an open roof, and I believe most automobile enthusiasts will agree. The sound of the motor and the sensation of solid G-forces are two things that most vehicle fans yearn for. Driving a UTV is one of the most excellent ways to have this experience.

These cars have been manufactured to allow you to enjoy driving on various terrain. Sure, there are UTVs made for commercial use and those made for military service. However, this essay is most relevant to UTV enthusiasts who have recently purchased one to enjoy on the weekends.

UTV vehicles, on the other hand, are primarily intended for use on rugged terrain. On the streets, you won’t see many UTVs, especially ones that attack corners, as in the video.

If you’re new to UTV tires, there’s a buying guide following the list where we’ll go over everything in depth. Let’s get started.

1. SunF A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Flat and Dirt Track Tires

The SunF A021 TT is the only on-road UTV tire to rule them all. A cursory look at the tread pattern on this tire instantly informs you that it will perform best on pavement — it looks nearly like a high-performance tire!

SunF also used a medium rubber composition for the tread, similar to high-performance tires.

All of this ends up with excellent traction on the road. In addition, the SunF A021 TT is a very responsive vehicle that gives the driver precise steering and a sense of control.

2. ITP Hard Surface Radial Tires

One of our current favorites is ITP’s entry into the street tire category. The reason is simple: the tread pattern on this tire is explicitly designed for on-road use. This means that you can’t use the ITP Hard Surface anywhere other than on the street. The tread should provide enough grip and traction on gravel, but that’s about it. This is not your tire if you wish to tackle rugged off-road terrain.

Fortunately, this also means that the vehicle’s on-road capability is unmatched as compared to other tires. The ITP street tire is exceptionally comfortable on the pavement, with a smooth and soft ride. Furthermore, even at high speeds, the tire is relatively quiet.

3. Maxxis Liberty

The Liberty is primarily used in rugged terrains such as dirt and gravel, although it can also be used in the desert. It is one of the best tires in such conditions, and it also performs admirably during turning and braking.

The Maxxis Liberty easily exceeds DOT test criteria, making it suitable for use on the road. More significantly, we discovered that it performed admirably in all of our tests, including on both dry and wet surfaces. The Maxxis Liberty has excellent responsiveness and steering feels on dry pavement. Even during aggressive cornering, the grip and response levels are outstanding. 

4. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

Carlisle is a well-known and respectable ATV, UTV, and lawnmower tire manufacturer, and their All Trail model is the finest of the bunch. We adore what this tire accomplishes.

Thanks to many grooves in the tread design, the Carlisle All Trail will operate anywhere. It works particularly well on rocks, dirt, gravel, and grass but may also be used in shallow muck. 

5. Tusk TERRABITE Heavy-Duty

Comfort is more important to some UTV drivers than super-responsive handling in some cases. For recreational driving, the Tusk TERRABITE tire is recommended. This ominous-looking tire is designed for mud, gravel, and stones in most hard-packed terrain. It has thick sidewalls to cushion the impact of stones and an aggressive tread pattern for better traction.

The TERRABITE is also DOT-approved, meaning it may be used on the road without any restrictions. That is, providing you aren’t concerned with performance on the road.

6. Interco LIEF DOT Tires

Interco’s DOT-approved UTV tires were designed primarily for the US Border Patrol. An essential lesson here is to leave an environmentally friendly footprint that does not affect the environment and only leaves a small imprint.

If you take a look at the tread pattern on the LIEF indicates that it has a large contact patch. This means it won’t leave a trail when going off-road, but it will provide outstanding traction on the road as well.

7. Quadboss QBT846 DOT Tire

The QBT846 is a great intermediate-to-hard-terrain tire from Quadboss. This model is also DOT-approved, so you may use it on the street whenever you want.

Still, mud and gravel are the areas where this tire shines. We love how the Quadboss handles these types of surfaces. It is super responsive and grips the surface very well. To put it another way, the tire reacts quickly to driver input and delivers excellent grip and traction.

8. GBC Kanati Mongrel

Overall, the GBC Kanati Mongrel tire is one of the best UTV tires currently available. In addition, it comes in various sizes, so drivers of both tiny and large UTVs will be able to find one that fits.

The tire also boasts a 10-ply structure, which is one of the hardest in the business. This indicates that the tire can take a lot of punishment, particularly while driving on hard-packed surfaces.

9. Fuel Gripper T/R/K Kevlar

The Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls tire makes it one of the the toughest tire on the list, which is why it has a 10-ply rating. In addition, the Fuel Gripper T/R/K Kevlar will never be punctured, thanks to the synthetic aramid fiber and the puncture-resistant technology, even if you drive over particularly demanding surfaces like rocky terrain.

10. EFX MotoVator 8 Ply

The EFX MotoVator is a high-priced tire, similar to the Fuel Gripper T/R/K Kevlar. Thanks to the MotoVator’s steel-belted structure, it’s also challenging, which makes it puncture-resistant.

Final Verdict

Above we have listed some of  the best tires that are helpful in mud and pavement terrains. However, each tire comes with a unique quality that differentiates it from other tires. It is better to buy the best tire according to your route and type of use.