10 Best Real Estate Companies To Work For In 2022

10 Best Real Estate Companies To Work For In 2022

10 Best Real Estate Companies To Work For In 2022

The value of homes sold in every country region is on the ascent. In many parts of the country, a home won’t be on the market for more than a week before it is swamped with bids from potential buyers. 

Because mortgage rates are at record lows, the market favors sellers like never before, and buyers are snapping up the homes on the market faster than ever before. 

There has never been a more promising or possibly rewarding time to pursue a career in real estate. Still, with up to 90 thousand real estate companies operating across the United States, It is not always easy to decide which options are the most advantageous.

Choosing which real estate firm to work for has never been more challenging than it is now.

However, in this guide to selecting the best real estate business, we will cover the most significant elements, which will help make your decision easier and streamline things for you.

The following are the ten finest real estate companies you can work for

1- eXp Realty

The revenue shares and fee splits provided the foundation for this decision. In addition to that, its pace of growth is among the highest. The only drawback we could identify was the high number of agents who were also active recruiters.

Since eXp is a virtual brokerage, you might be confused by our selection of the company as the most significant overall real estate company to work for. How is it even possible that it might come in first place above a traditional real estate establishment made of brick and mortar?

Despite the end of the COVID19 pandemic, a significant number of persons still have not returned to work. 

The real estate industry is particularly benefiting from the growth of virtual firms. 

The concept of working from home is vital to this company’s culture, which in today’s world is loved by individuals of all ages and walks of life from all over the world.

Both the eXp commission and cap mechanism are straightforward to grasp. Every agent has a maximum payout of $16,000, and the commission is split 80/20. 

Once the cap has been achieved, you will be able to keep the entire amount of your commissions as a reward for your hard work. Consider that no desk fees, franchise costs, or royalty fees are involved.

You will also have access to other income opportunities when you work with eXp, such as the possibility of earning a portion of the commissions that any agents earn that you bring on board with the brokerage. Once you have reached your yearly limit, they will also provide you with stock choices.

When you work at eXp, you choose your hours and can put in time at your convenience. The ability to adjust one’s schedule according to changing circumstances is one of the most valuable benefits, according to several of the real estate brokers with whom we spoke.

Because of the eXp training platform, it is simple for any new real estate agent to sign up for the program. A live orientation and interactive seminars will walk you through all you need to know to get started.

2- RE/Max

RE/Max appeals to the desire of many real estate agents to collaborate in person with an established real estate firm. 

In addition, it is revered and has a great deal of name recognition, particularly in the larger metropolitan areas.

There is no company-wide policy regarding caps, splits, or desk fees implemented by Re/Max. Because decisions on all these critical matters are decided at the regional level, it is impossible to know precisely what a company is selling unless you have a face-to-face conversation with its representatives.

There is some leeway in how you can receive commissions from sales. You are free to put the money you save into marketing and advertising if you choose an experienced agent willing to accept payment upfront (pre-capitalization). You will, however, be subject to increased desk fees.

3- Keller Williams

Keller Williams welcomes new agents interested in launching successful careers and provides them with an attractive compensation package.

What Keller Williams Market Centers collectively refer to as a cap is something present in all of their locations. The utmost amount of money that can be requested of an agent. Required to pay to remain employed by the company is known as the cap. 

Each Market Center has its unique cap, determined by factors such as the local environment and the center’s marketing costs. 

However, regardless of whether you are a seasoned Rockstar agent or a beginner, the cap that applies to all agents working within each market center is the same. 

When the commission is paid, a portion of it is used to cover the pre-capitalization cost, and another portion is used to cover the franchise fee for the brand. After reaching the limit, you will be entitled to keep the total amount of your commission in the future.

You may also be eligible for a supplementary commission if someone you recruit is successful in making a sale. It also continues if one of the people you recruit goes on to recruit another person. When seen from this perspective, the income potential is very high.

Agents who reach a certain predetermined production level become members of the company’s leadership and participate in company-wide decision-making.

Keller Williams was ranked as the top franchise brand in terms of sales volume in 2019, and the company asserts that it is the largest real estate technology franchise in terms of the number of agents on its rosters.

4- Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker has been around for a long time and has established a highly prestigious name across the country. 

Their commission and fees don’t seem excessive to me. On the other hand, there is no company-wide cap, desk charge, or split structure in place. Because the local brokerages establish those, there is a wide range of possible prices. 

Remember that even if you hit the cap for the year, you are still obligated to pay the franchise price. This is something you should plan for, which is 8% of the total. This is a significant limitation shared by many different agents.

5- Century 21

Century 21 places significant emphasis on developing innovative and cutting-edge branding and marketing strategies. They have recently updated their company logo and implemented a creative new marketing plan.

The organization of the commission is negotiated at the local level, and there is a wide range of possible outcomes. 

A franchise fee must always be paid, and it is 8% of the total. There is no fee for using the Century 21 desk is a beautiful advantage.

A real estate broker empire like Century21 didn’t take shape overnight, just like Rome wasn’t founded in a single day.

Century21 knows that sustained growth is essential to the company’s long-term prosperity. Century21 University is their online training platform, and it assists real estate professionals in expanding their brands and accomplishing their goals.

You can access many different training types, such as live online instruction, classroom instruction, social network groups, and the video library. You can choose the training format that best suits your needs.

The commission for Century21 is distributed evenly between the broker and the salesperson, and the franchise fee is 8%. There are no desks involved with Century21.

6- Fathom Realty

Fathom Realty is a cloud-based real estate broker gradually gaining pace and operates similarly to eXp Realty.

Fathom Realty is listed as the 11th largest independent brokerage in the country. It has been recognized by Inc.500 and Inc.5000 as one of the most rapidly expanding firms in the United States for the past six years.

Part-time real estate agents who value the adaptability of a cloud-based real estate broker and the opportunity to keep more money in their pockets thanks to flat-fee commission plans will find Fathom Realty an excellent choice.

When it comes to residential transactions, Fathom Realty does not practice the practice of commission splits. After the first 12 sales of the year, the transaction charge is reduced to $99 per sale. However, it is $450 for the first 12 sales. In addition, a $500 annual fee is assessed against the first transaction completed in each calendar year.

Other commission options include a cost of $85 per lease and a 90/10 split. However, they are only applicable to commercial real estate transactions.

Additionally, stock grants are given out by Fathom for every successful real estate transaction or agent recommendation.

7- IQI Global

The real estate company is privately held, and its headquarters are in Dubai. It now has operations in 15 countries across the globe. 

With more than 10 thousand real estate and investment professionals on staff, IQI is undoubtedly one of the most successful and prominent real estate enterprises.

The organization provides a wide variety of services, including property management, interior design and refurbishment, hospitality services, education, and training.

They have a competitive advantage over other real estate organizations because they combine their worldwide views and the best practices in the sector with their local experience.

8- ERA

Realogy is the company that has owned and managed ERA since it was first established in 1971 under the name Electronic Realty Associates. 

It has offices in several countries, including Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Austria, and Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the rare real estate brands that is traded on a public exchange. About 10,000 people are employed by the firm, which has its headquarters in New Jersey. They concentrate on working with residential properties.

To help each other out, they work with other realtors to establish a community that effectively meets the needs of all of their customers and promptly provides support.

9- Sotheby’s 

It was initially established in 1976 by Sotheby’s Auction House as a luxury real estate brand. In 2004, they established a strategic partnership with the company Realogy. 

Consequently, the business was given authority to offer franchise options to several other brokerages.

The corporation has 990 offices in 72 countries and territories worldwide, home to its 19,000 sales staff members. 

In addition to being among the country’s most successful real estate companies, it is also the parent company of the widely read real estate publication Reside.

The corporation makes many resources available to its subsidiaries and affiliates

 in operations, marketing, employment, education, and business expansion. 

They make a robust marketing and referral program for high-end properties available to independent real estate brokerages.

10- CBRE Group

Commercial Real Estate Services Group, Inc. is what “CBRE” stands for when abbreviated. It is a privately held company with its headquarters in Los Angeles that has grown to develop into one of the most successful real estate companies in the entire world.

They have over 75,000 employees and generate revenues of $13.1 billion, making them one of the world’s most successful real estate brands.

Facility management, property management, and investment management are just some of the services they provide. They also offer evaluation and valuation, leasing or selling property, mortgage services, and development.

Employees who work the required hours are eligible for a complete benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance

In addition, CBRE provides its employees with a 401(k) plan, programs for employee support and discounts, paid time off, and paid holidays.

CBRE assists anyone interested in becoming successful in the real estate industry by emphasizing training and ongoing education. 

They provide approximately one hundred training packages, and various tools agents can use to advance their careers. Both seasoned brokers and those just beginning their careers in the real estate sector can benefit from using these tools.


In the end, the finest real estate businesses to work for offer their agents the most significant amount of assistance and resources to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives.

How long you’ve been a real estate agent, whether you work in the field on a part-time or full-time basis, and whether you specialize in residential or commercial property are all factors that should be considered while searching for the best brokerage business to serve your real estate career.

No matter your circumstances, each of these ten organizations is a strong competitor for assisting you in expanding your real estate profession.